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Revd Bob Wilson

I am convinced that we are really meant to live life, and live it to the full. I have been walking, climbing and generally enjoying the mountains since I was 10 years old, both for personal leisure, and more recently to share skills and experiences with others. I find that I get a true sense of living well when outdoors in the mountains or on the crags.

For most of my working life I have served the prison service as a chaplain, or in chaplaincy oversight. The experiences I have had in prison have convinced me of the importance of making the most of every day, and the crucial role that our environment plays in shaping our fullest sense of ourselves. Busy lives today can sometimes rob us of this fullness.

Experience life lived to the full

For me, and I believe for many, experiencing life outdoors can help to claim back that life lived fully. Whatever activity you want to take part in , whether that be a day of rock climbing instruction, a guided mountain walk or even something more challenging, my goal is that you will go home feeling a little more whole than you had when you arrived. Maybe you will learn something new about the hills too.

Life lived to the full.


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It is important that when you book someone to take you into the mountains that you know that you are in safe hands! Whilst qualifications are only part of the story, these do help you to make a reasoned decision to help you know that you will get what you want!

Mountain Training Registration Number:-  126285

  • Climbing / Mountaineering

    Rock Climbing Instructor - 2006

  • Navigation / Hill Walking

    Mountain Leader (Summer) - 2013

    National Navigation Award Scheme; Tutor Award - 2021