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Hillwalking, Mountaineering, Climbing, Navigation , Wellbeing

Bob Wilson

Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, Wellbeing Guide

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Ten:10 Values

Being Together

In a non-threatening environment you will have the chance to talk, to reflect, to laugh and to listen. We will focus strongly on taking care of you so that you can feel free to simply be yourself in nature alongside others of like minds.

Being Active

Hillwalking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Pilgrimage. Ten:10 breaks and courses will be tailored to ensure that the level and type of activity is perfect for you to find challenge or an opportunity to simply saunter. 40+ years spent in the mountains has shown me that walking together or climbing attached to another via a rope gives us the opportunity to think differently and sometimes more deeply. 

Being Curious

Taking time to stop and enjoy nature really does build strength into our souls. When we take the time to look at the lichen, listen to the ravens, marvel at the view, think about the glaciation, we are offered the opportunity to express our inbuilt curiosity. (not to mention giving me the chance to catch my breath when the going gets steep!) 

Being Mindful

There has been much talk of mindfulness over recent years and its positive effects on our wellbeing. Spending days in the hills, experiencing my muscles tiring and recovering all make me feel more like me. Rather than encourage us to do mindfulness, on Ten:10 breaks we will try to realize what it feels like to simply be mindful of who we are


What we learned on our 5 Day Trad Refresher / Learn to Lead course

Aaron & Guy, April 2024

Amazing 5 days climbing in Wales! Bob's depth of knowledge, professionalism and calm, friendly nature makes you feel in safe hands and allows you to really enjoy the climbing experience. For me this made it easier to learn in a stress free environment

What people say ...

Brian Greehalgh
" ... definitely the “high”-light of the year for me"
Andrew Ollerton
Two fantastic days on the crag with Bob. He quickly understood our level and set achievable goals from the start. He made sure we were safe and kept pushing us right to our limit. Every step of the way he was empowering us to do it ourselves. Bob is always gentle, positive, encouraging and always has a smile on his face. If you wanna learn the ropes and climb to the next level. We highly recommend going with Bob!
"... thanks for such an awesome weekend, I found myself grinning like an idiot on several occasions when thinking about it"
 I just want to thank you again. It was a great experience to climb with you. You helped me to achieve my goal of leading a climb, it was a pleasure climbing with you. Keep doing what you’re doing. God Bless!